Настольная игра Starcraft Brood War

Описание продукта:

Настольная игра по мотивам Starcraft Brood War.
Оригинальное описание:
While the shattered Zerg hive remains torn apart by fierce infighting, the Protoss seek to reunite with their Dark Templar brethren and begin rebuilding their homeworld, Aiur. Terran Emperor Mengsk I, having achieved his goal of total power over the human colonies, must now turn his attention to both the rising power of the woman he betrayed — Kerrigan, the infamous Zerg Queen of Blades — and a conspiracy deep within his own ranks. The Starcraft: Brood War expansion provides a wide range of new units, planets, orders, technologies and more to the award-winning StarCraft: The Board Game. This expansion also introduces brand new rules for: Leadership Cards, Heroes, Scenario Play. Fight to save the Dark Templar homeworld from Zerg infestation, or attempt to destroy the Zerg Overmind itself to free the galaxy from it’s tyranny! After Brood War, the Korpula sector will never be the same again. Please Note: Requires StarCraft: The Board Game to play. Game Contents: Rulebook, 6 Faction Sheets, 104 Combat and Technology Cards, 42 Leadership Cards, 7 Event Cards, 12 Resource Cards, 6 Planet Tiles, 18 Module Tokens, 18 Building Tokens, 4 Mind Control Tokens, 7 Hero Tokens, 20 Resource Tokens, 12 Guard Tokens, 5 Navigation Routes, 1 Overmind Token, 1 Cerebrate Token, 1 Warp Gate Token, 7 Order Tokens, 48 Plastic Figures, 2 Special Conquest Point Tokens, 4 Infested Command Centers, 3 Scenario Item Tokens.

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